Fassona Sausage


Sausage, is a type of meat product with a skin around it, and is very typical in many Italian regions and throughout the world. In Italy, the region it is produced in will determine the ingredients it incorporates, and has various names like, luganega, salamella, salamina, salami or salametto. Usually made by filling a natural bowel of pig or mutton with a mixture of lean and fat parts of the meat diced, or chopped, and mixed with salt. Then, wine – mainly red – and spices like pepper, chilli pepper, coriander, fennel, nutmeg and sugar are added to the mixture.

If the sausages are made in a more industrial fashion, antioxidants and powdered milk are also added so the sausages retains softness for a longer period of time. This process is known as tanning. The Fassona sausage is able to be eaten fresh (after cooking), or if seasoned, can also be eaten dried.