Picanha – this, the most prized and popular meat in Brazil is quite similar to that of roast beef.

This particular cut is a triangular shape and has a maximum weight of between 1 – 1.1kg. One of the main characteristics of Picanha is the layer of fat that measures to be about one centimetre.

Picanha is used to prepare the churrasco, a type of Brazilian grilling, that consists of direct cooking using the heat of the brazier. The meat is placed at a particular height, between 15 and 60 cm and grilled directly on the ‘grelha’ or prepared on a large skewer that has a flat or V shape. During this cooking process, the fat from the meat melts, which gives the meat its signature flavour. Another aspect essential churrasco cooking is that the meat is only seasoned with very coarse salt, and nothing more.