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Fine and tasty cuts of meat from Italy and the world cooked on the grill


Brazilian Picanha

Brazilian Picanha is the triangular cut of beef typical of Rio de Janeiro cuisine. It is used to prepare churrasco, the traditional Brazilian method of grilling meat, and must be positioned between 15 and 60 centimeters from the embers to ensure it is perfectly cooked.


Sliced Black Angus steak

Black Angus is a particularly fine cut of beef typical of Latin America, Australia and Ireland. It is renowned for its exceptional softness. Each bite almost melts in your mouth.



First steamed, then smoked, this cut is mainly obtained from fresh pork belly. Pancetta is a very tasty cut used in many cuisines: America’s famous bacon for example, but also Asian dishes.


Scamone (Rump steak)

Rump is a well-known cut of meat used in our kitchen for its versatility. It is used in the preparation of braised meats, stews, casseroles and roast beef and is also perfect for grilling, our preferred method here at La Tagliata Brasserie.


Tagliata di noce (Fillet steak)

The fillet steak is a prestigious part of the animal obtained from thigh area, specifically the adductor muscles along the femur bone. It is the perfect cut for braising and stewing but also makes for excellent steaks.


Fassona sausage

The Fassona sausage is a highly prized local product that you can taste in Grinzane Cavour, at La Tagliata Brasserie. Ours is made of Fassona beef and pork belly, but there are several versions of this traditional regional Italian meat sausage found all over the world.


Fiorentina from Piedmontese Fassona

For many it is the queen of Tuscan meats. This cut is obtained from the loin, that is the part corresponding to the lumbar vertebrae of the Chianina beef calf. The cut is recognizable by the presence of the unmistakable “T” -shaped bone that divides the tenderloin from the sirloin.



The rib is a classic cut of beef, very tasty. Similar in some ways to the loin, the typicality of the rib of beef is that it also contains part of the muscle, generally the very long one of the back, but also part of the spinal or semi-spinal muscle.


Fillet of the priest

Filet del prete is a very tasty cut of veal. Its typicality is that it is crossed by a vein of soft fat obtained from the top and central part of the beef shoulder. This cut is also known with the names of “Priest’s Hat” or “Roast of the vein”.


Flank Steak

The Flank Steak is a cut of meat coming from the belly of the beef and is very tasty because it is obtained from a part rich in collagen and with an ideal consistency both for grilling and for cooking in slices. In Italy this cut is also known as the “bavetta”.


fillet steak

The fillet is a particularly fine and tender cut of beef, but also pork or game that is obtained from the lumbar area of the animal. To enjoy it in the best possible way, it is essential that the cooking is truly perfect and performed in a workmanlike manner.


Entrecot de Vaca Gallega

It is a fine cut of meat obtained from cows reared in Galicia, a region in the north-west of Spain, on the extreme Atlantic coast. With a tasty and characteristic taste, this cut also includes a part of bone and, generally, a small portion of fillet.


Veal ribs

The ribs are obtained from the front of the loin. This cut is ideal for different cooking methods. In particular, on the grill, to prepare the famous Asado, a typical dish of many Latin American culinary traditions such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.


Chuck Steak

Chuck Steak is a typical rectangular cut that is obtained from the neck of the bovine, with a thickness of about 2.5 cm. Known as “7-bone steak”, thanks to the shape of the shoulder bone in the cross section that resembles a “7”, it is ideal for obtaining soft and tasty steaks.